The Stars on a Tray

Martin Newell – The Stars on a Tray

Martin Newell’s weekly Joy of Essex column in the East Anglian Daily Times has won him a well deserved Columnist of the Year award

The Stars on a Tray – available now from all good bookshops and

is a glorious gathering of many of these columns that have appeared in the East Anglian Daily Times over the last 4 years.

 Martin Newell’s sometimes eccentric and often witty views, musings and commentary, take the reader on a well paced jaunt across the less well travelled contours of the people, places and events that help to make up Essex.  Whether he is searching for Old Knobbly in a wood, Paolozzi’s rural retreat on the coast, pondering on St Cedd’s sandal on the windswept marshes, trying to sell the idea of creating a new Hellfire Club to a charming but bewildered National Trust employee, or giving voice to the unsung heroes supporting the UK’s armed forces, these musings will squeeze an occasional tear, a frequent chuckle and often a loud guffaw from the reader.

The Stars on a Tray is easy to pick up and start reading any time, anywhere but it’s going to be a much trickier job to put it down.

“I confess to being a long-standing fan of Martin’s brilliantly observed, wonderfully eclectic vignettes of life in Essex……To come to them again in book form is sheer delight…..I recommend them” 

Barbara Erskine 

Martin Newell is a writer, broadcaster, poet, musician and performer.  He has also been described as a chansonnier (although as he points out, there is no such thing in the English language!)  Nevertheless he does exist and he sings, plays musical instruments and provides a unique form of entertainment no matter where or when.

He has previously published a dozen collections of verse, two social histories and one rock memoir.  He has also broadcast frequently on national and regional BBC radio and has in the past presented TV programmes for BBC TV’s INSIDE OUT series.

He wrote regularly for The Independent titles for 15 years before taking up his current posts as Saturday columnist for the East Anglian Daily Times feature writer for the Suffolk magazine and resident poet for The Sunday Express. 


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